The Correct Order to Read The Shadowhunter Chronicles

For anyone who has been paying any amount of attention to my Twitter or Goodreads, it comes with no surprise when I say that I have spent the last few weeks rereading all of the Shadowhunter books alongside my friend who is reading them all for the first time.

Yes, you read that right… I’m rereading all of them. All 30,000 of them. *mumbles* well except a few short stories that I don’t really care about but just ignore that!

It is because of all of this recent rereading that I feel completely qualified, seriously I’ve dedicated weeks of my life to this, to speak on the correct order to read the many Shadowhunters books in (because yes there is 100% a right way and a wrong way to read them and you can fight me😊)

*Side note, this method applies mostly to The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices because those are the two series that people seem to have more questions about. Obviously, it should go without saying that you should probably read The Dark Artifices after The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices to avoid spoilers because of the timeline of those series.

“Eliseeee,” you say, “there’s so many books and series! What order do I read them in?” Well totally random person that I definitely didn’t just make up! The correct order is the same order I’ve been telling to people to read them in for years now and that is… Release order!

Okay so bear with me for a moment because this order can get kind of complicated so I’m going to lay out the order, then go into my reasoning for why The best order to read The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices is as follows…

-City of Bones

-City of Ashes

-City of Glass

-Clockwork Angel

-City of Fallen Angels

-Clockwork Prince

-City of Lost Souls

-Clockwork Princess

-City of Heavenly Fire

As you can see, this order involves you swapping between the two series of TMI and TID which I think is what throws a lot of people off but hear me out because this order really enhances the experience of reading the books.

First, and my favorite reason, is how you see Cassie slowly expand upon the world with every new book! You notice when she comes up with new ideas or when she sees that an idea needs to be fleshed out a little more so you slowly get more worldbuilding between the two series. The best example of this is with the evolution of Parabatai throughout the series because Alec and Jace aren’t the best example but when you see Will and Jem in TID you really understand what Cassie was going for with the idea which will get expanded upon even further with every book in the series. (Then you get to The Dark Artifices and scream over Jemma because Jemma is the only ship that matters to me right now)

On a similar note, this order allows for characters to be introduces in one series that become important in the next book of the other series. Of course, this isn’t completely necessary, but it’s still just fun to see those connections.

Now onto some more fun reasons, there are certain elements of TMI that hint towards events in TID and vice versa so it’s really fun to use one series to theorize about the other. There’s one specific element/character in TMI that I remember EVERYONE having a theory about before Clockwork Princess was released and their identity was officially revealed. And then, if you know that certain mystery, you can scream and freak out every time said character shows up in TMI, like I did! (Sorry I’m trying to keep this vague but if you were in the fandom a million years ago then you know what I’m talking about)

Speaking of screaming every time things happen… Reading Clockwork Princess and Heavenly Fire back to back is a brutal cry fest but it’s totally worth it! Both of those books are just full of tears but ooo then you can get excited every time a character from Clockwork Princess is mentioned on page in Heavenly Fire. And this isn’t even to mention the fact that certain elements that heavily hint at things in Clockwork Princess won’t come as a surprise to you and thus can’t spoil anything for you.

On the topic of spoilers, release order is the best way to read the books because it’s the order they were intended to be read in and thus you have no worries about spoilers of any kind. So basically a win-win for everyone!

And one final and exciting reason… THE REFERNCES! Every time one series references the other, you’ll notice it a lot more if you’ve just read a bit of that book and you can get all excited whenever it happens. Just ask my friends every time I’ve sent snapchats about “OMG LOOK IT’S A HERONDALE” or something on that topic.

Well that’s it for me this time! Have you read any of the Shadowhunters books? What order did you read them in? Are you excited for The Last Hours coming out this year (because I know I am!)

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